Dynamic and Powerful . . . These are the words most
often used to describe the life-changing excitement
Dr. Michael Chitwood has delivered to
thousands around the world.

For over 40 years Dr. Michael Chitwood has dedicated his life to helping people all over the world achieve their dreams and financial desires.
He is the Chairman and CEO of Chitwood & Chitwood, P.C., the largest financial services firm in the United States of America for churches and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Chitwood receives hundreds of invitations to speak at churches, universities and corporate functions each week. He is known worldwide as one of the most knowledgeable, influential and dynamic speakers of his time. He is regarded as “The Authority” by the hundreds of thousands who have witnessed his teachings. Dr. Chitwood continues to impact and change lives everywhere he goes, filling them with wisdom and knowledge.


Dr. Chitwood is a true entrepreneur, becoming a successful businessman at the age of 14. He truly is a financial guru and business example. Dr. Chitwood holds a coveted corporate seat on some of the largest for profit and nonprofit corporations in the world. As busy as he is, he still spends much of his time in starting new businesses and advising others how to start their own new businesses.

Millionaires value freedom over
comfort, and because they do, they
receive both. Because the middle class
values comfort over freedom, they will
never be free.