Michael learned great compassion for people and commitment to a hard-working and balanced-life ethic from his highly principled Christian mother and father.


Even as a young boy, Michael was studying wisdom and wealth. His first business venture came at the early age of 14. When most of his friends were busy playing baseball, Michael was studying and planning how to start and grow his own business. He had an entrepreneur’s spirit and a drive to succeed.

His live Financial & Tax Conferences have attracted 7.6 million people over the 38 years he has been offering the conference. Each year he will teach 200,000 people how to be compliant with the IRS and have their books on financially sound ground.

He is listed in the Who’s Who in Professional Speaking as a lecturer on financial, motivation and tax planning for ministers, churches and nonprofits. He is a distinguished author of over 100 published books and has taken the time to record more than 100 DVD’s.

Fear is not a word in Dr. Chitwood’s vocabulary. If you live in fear you will never succeed. He believes the only limitations we have are those we set for ourselves.